What do we do?

We develop customized dumbwaiter (or food elevator) systems for each project that requires a non-standard solution. For these systems, we take the same approach that applies to our custom person elevators, being that we adapt the visual and technical designs completely to serve the client's design requirements. Dumbwaiters often used to convey food or small goods, mostly between the kitchen and the dining areas. In our projects, they come in all different sizes and designs. XEL has designed and implemented dumbwaiters for Michelin-starred restaurants as well as high-end estates.

Technical Design Approach

For a project with unique visual design requirements, the technical and visual designs often go hand in hand.

For our projects, the technical desing is developed specifically to serve the visual design and other requirements in terms of safety, functionality and available space for drives etc.

Therefore, our team of engineers takes a dedicated approach for the technical design, which makes that all of our dumbwaiters are unique.

Through-the-counter systems
Hiding technology
Adapting to available space
Implementing required functionalities
Noise minimization
High-end technology for optimal functionality

Visual Design Approach

For the visual design of our dumbwaiter solutions, we are contracted to design and develop the system’s visual design either exactly in accordance with the design requirements presented, or to go beyond this.

In doing so, we work closely together with the client and its design teams.

Therefore, based on our own input in the process, and by processing the ideas of other parties involved, the end result for each dumbwaiter is unique and tailored to the requirements presented.

Panoramic shafts
Antique/vintage style (with aligned attributes)
Custom cladding (stainless steel, bronze, blacksmith works)
Control buttons in style

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