Bespoke elevators for estates & high-class buildings

At XEL, we design and engineer luxury elevator solutions, specifically customized to serve all wishes and requirements presented in the project.

To fulfil all visual, functionality and safety requirements, our team approaches each project in a unique manner; often requiring the implementation of specifically developed technical solutions.

The style and finishing quality levels are mainly derived from activities on superyachts, where unprecendented demands are the standards.

Through a dedicated approach we apply for the visual and technical designs of our projects, we ensure each elevator to be the first and only one of its kind.

Our Technical Design Approach

For each of our projects, our team of engineers works to develop a unique technical design in which all the projects challenges are solved.

With these unique technical designs, we ensure to implement the optimal solution from a technical standpoint, whilst enabling the elevator to have the fulfil all visual design requirements as well (cladding connections, hidden technology, etc.).

In that respect, the elevator’s technical design is developed to make the realization of the visual design possible.

Additionally, with the challenges faced in terms of minimized available spaces, remote machine rooms, and other unimaginable challenges we overcome, our team is more than prepared to serve each request.

Though non-exhaustive, XEL’s capabilities lie in:

Own curved door drive system (small-radius doors)
Own curved sensor curtain solution
Movable floors to hide pit space
Elevators without head or pit space
Hidden suspensions and guiding
Customized types of drive mechanisms
Self-supporting shaft construction
Remote & other drive system types
Unique brake and safety systems
Noise & vibration minization
Machine room less elevators
Luxury custom made elevator

Our Visual Design Approach

For the visual, our team works closely together with the client and/or its design team to explore all requirements for the visual design of the elevator.

Resulting, our engineers and designers work to implement all such requirements into the technical design of the elevator, whilst simultaneously optimizing the integration of the cladding and other materials too.

Throughout the design phase, we exchange the material samples and design renders required ensure the proper integration of the elevator into its surrounding.

Though the possibilities are limitless, the following items show how we adapt the style of our elevators:

Panoramic shafts
Clear/tinted glass
(Copper) mesh materials in glass
Call buttons integrated in the glass
Frameless (self-supporting) glass
Hidden guiding & technology
Architectural bronze
Mirrored/ Polished stainless steel

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