A project full of design challenges

For a unique renovation project in the Mediterranean area, XEL was contracted for the development of a penthouse-type elevator.

XEL’s penthouse-type elevators are of a special design, developed to cope with the specific safety and functionality challenges of no pit and minimal head spaces that are often posed by penthouses and comparable projects. Overcoming these challenges, XEL combines numerous extra and redundant safety arrangements, with special and light-weight physical constructions.

From a visual design perspective, the present Monaco-based project is of the highest thinkable level of quality and luxury. This design is the result of a close collaboration between the owner’s team and the interior designers working on the project. XEL’s role herein has been to process the wishes and requirements into a functional and realizable design.

Artistic technical design features

What will make this elevator even more special is that instead of hiding all technology behind cladding, the choice was made to show parts of the drive and suspension system in an artistic, clockwork-like, manner.

Showing this part of the technology, in combination with the handcrafted cladding and artistic details that will be applied, makes that this elevator will be a true piece of art and a centerpiece in the residence.

Stay tuned for more information on XEL’s developments for this project.

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