Following the completion of recent unique elevator projects, Exclusive Elevators (XEL) is now ready to introduce eight of its major innovations to the global market.

These innovations are either driven by customer requirements or developed to ensure optimal safety and compliance with new functional regulations. With the implementation of these innovations into its solutions, XEL is prepared for the delivery of high-end and tailor-made elevators for the years to come.

The eight unique innovations are listed as following:

  • A specially developed sensor curtain for circular/elliptical elevators;
  • A specially developed door drive mechanism for small-radius doors;
  • A movable floor solution to hide the pit space;
  • The implementation of copper (or other) mesh in glass;
  • Frameless (self-supporting) glass;
  • The integration of elevator call-buttons in the shaft-glass;
  • A specialized hidden elevator guiding solution;
  • Combining the delivery of elevators and stair constructions in unique materials (e.g. blue steel, glass and marble).