We are XEL

Building the world's most exclusive elevators

At Exclusive Elevators B.V. (XEL), we develop the world’s most luxurious and bespoke elevators for applications ranging from luxury mansions to hotels and authentic castles.

All across the globe, our organization is ready to serve ownwers, architects/designers and contractors to make unique designs come true.

Being a member of the HSD Indsutry Group, a technical group with versatile activities, XEL combines decades of experience in the development of unique mechanical solution with unique expertise and capabilities for the development of customized elevators. 

More about us

Our philosophy

At XEL, we are capable of delivering the optimal solution for every technical request through implementing key knowledge and expertise, and by working together with specialized strategic partners.

Our approach

We are focused on implementing optimal flexibility in the elevator’s visual and technical designs. Together with the client and/or its design team, we are capable of implementing unique innovative knowledge, capabilities and expertise into its custom elevator solutions. 

Therewith, we develop unique solutions to realize all the project’s requirements and to make possible what others can’t.

Our scope often includes not only the car and drive of the elevator, but also the complete shaft construction. This way, the shaft can be styled completely in accordance with the project’s requirements, and the integration of the complete elevator system is done in the most efficient manner.

20+ Years of Experience

With the experience we carry in these unqiue solutions, we can with certainty say that no challenge is too complex. Our technical knowledge, combined with a dedicated approach make that each request can be fulfilled.

Complete Customization

Enabling architects, designers and contractors to fulfil all of their client's wishes, and offering a truly unique centerpiece elevator in which the impossible has been made possible.

Global Operations

The skillsets and project approaches that we present are unique in our industry, same as the finsihed products. Therefore, we serve projects on a global basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Concept Design

Determination of the project’s requirements and scope of possibilities can be widened based on XEL’s capabilities. Upon determination of the requirements, a concept design is generated.

Detailing & finalization of the unique technical & visual designs. A selection of cladding materials & exchange of samples is included.

XEL launches the project into production. The production planning is anticipated to the planning on-site.

Delivery of interface parts as early as possible to the construction site. Such practice allows for finalization of all works around the shaft, minimization of installation time on site, integration of as-built dimensions in our design.

Due to the high degree of innovation in each project, and to ensure optimal functioning and durability, the elevator system/sub-systems are subject to factory acceptance testing before their release.

For our global projects, installation works on site take place under our direct supervision. We work with the contractor on site, or with dedicated companies appointed together with the involved project parties. After installation, we commission the elevator and hand it over to the project owner.

Either by ourselves, or by local specialized parties appointed together with the client, service and maintenance works are arranged in an effective manner.

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Do you have question for us or are a project you would like to share with us? Feel free to contact us through our contact form through the details below.