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    Unique luxury residential & marine elevators

    XEL’s approach

    In our approach of developing and manufacturing tailor-made luxury elevators, we know that exclusive elevators come in different shapes and sizes, and that each project needs a unique approach.

    At XEL, we are capable to fulfil all of your unique elevator wishes, for every imaginable location. Using our decades of experience in the development of technical solutions for the marine market, more specifically with experience the development of elevator solutions for superyachts as carried by TBV Marine Systems (see: website); we are capable of making everything happen in every location.

    Following the acitivities in the superyacht market, also high-end residential elevators have been requested and produced. Here, we apply the same approach, knowledge and capabilities to deliver the highest quality, unique, luxury elevators.

    With our team of experienced engineers, and by working closely together with the clients and its architects or designers, we always design, manufacture and install our bespoke elevator solutions completely up to the wishes and requirements of our clients.

    In our approach, we are open to each suggestion that is presented throughout the project. We can implement all choices of materials into our design, making sure the result lives up to all expectations.

    Recent project’s unique features:

    Here below, a list of unqiue design related and technical features are listed, which have recently been implemented in our projects:

    • Our specially designed door drive mechanism for small-radius circular glass elevators
    • Our hidden elevators guiding solutions
    • Our specialized sensor curtains for circular elevators to ensure full compliance with the newest functional regulations
    • Our movable floors to hide the pit space
    • Elevators without head or pit space
    • Copper mesh in the shaft-glass
    • Call button integrated in shaft-glass
    • Various types of drive mechanisms
    • Design and production of staircase constructions in unique materials (e.g. blue steel, glass and marble)
    • Frameless (self-supporting) glass around our elevators.

    Finishing material & glass options

    When it comes to selecting the finishing/cladding materials for your elevator, the options are limitless. In recent projects, we have worked with the following materials, tailored to the owner’s wishes:


    • Mirrored stainless steel
    • polished stainless steel
    • Blue steel (industrial look)
    • Bronze
    • Architectural bronze


    • Clear glass
    • Copper/metal mesh integrated
    • Tinted glass

    Pictures & news

    Next to the selection of pictures below, the specific projects designed and produced by XEL can be found under news