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Unique luxury residential & marine elevators

Exclusive elevators come in different shapes. At Exclusive Elevators (XEL), we are capable to fulfil all of your unique elevator wishes, for every imaginable location. Using our decades of experience in the development of technical solutions for the marine market, more specifically our experience the development of elevator solutions for super yachts as explained on the TBV Marine Systems website; we are capable of making everything happen in every location.

Having proven our expertise in the maritime market, also residential elevators have been requested and produced. Here, the same knowledge and capabilities are applied to deliver the highest quality, unique, luxury elevators.

Utilizing our team of experienced engineers, and working closely together with the customers and its architects or designers, we always design, manufacture and install the elevators completely up to wishes and expectations.

In our approach, we are open to each suggestion that is presented throughout the project. We can implement all choices of materials into our design, making sure the result lives up to all expectations.


Next to the selection of pictures, the specific projects executed by XEL can be found under news.