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    Antique, vintage style elevators

    XEL’s expertise applied for antique, vintage styles

    Apart from luxurious, modern style elevator solutions, XEL also uses its exeprtise in the design and production of antique and vintage style elevators.

    These types of elevators are often designed for monumental, authentic buildings, where the elevators add to a certain style and atmosphere to the building and services.

    Our projects:

    Elevators are generally delivered for the following type of clients:

    • Hotels & restaurants (boutique, classic, vintage)
    • Office buildings (monumental or other)
    • Residential (private buildings)

    Challenges faced, solved by XEL:

    An authentic building is not only unique because of its architecture, but also because of its structure exceptional dimensions. XEL appoints special attention to the following characteristics when integrating an elevator:

    • Building structure (strength, building preservation)
    • Elevator (shaft) integration
    • Preserving authentic elements
    • Implementing building style in elevator design

    Unique design features:


    • Based on newest elevator technology for optimal safety and functionality
    • Technology hidden for safeguarding style
    • Hidden drive and guiding solutions
    • Compliance with newest regulations


    • Design tailored to building and wished
    • Materials implemented are often bronze, darkened steel, blacksmith works, wood and specialized glass
    • Use of authentic antique components

    First step forward:

    Are you in need of a tailored antique or vintage look elevator? Please contact us; our team is ready to serve your requirements globally!