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    XEL’s unique and luxurious elevator solutions

    What can a relatively smalltime player add to a market in which the most innovative stair and elevator systems are being offered by international and listed companies? The answer is: exclusivity and custom-made solutions. Where other elevator builders come up empty, we come up with solutions, solutions that can be realized within a special design, or in case of non-standard materials or a lack of space.

    XEL | Member of HSD Associates

    Exclusive Elevators B.V. (XEL), realizing the high-end Elevator Solutions, is a member of HSD Associates. After years of cooperation in several exclusive projects High-tech Solutions & Design B.V. and SUN Roestvaststaal B.V. combined their elevator knowledge in one company: “Exclusive Elevators B.V.”  This innovative company is offering elevator solutions around the world. XEL designs and realises elevator solutions not only for superyachts, but also elevator solutions for luxury villas and real estate. Over the years, we have built a large network so we can guarantee the optimal cooperation and service worldwide.